Government Executive Media Group and Govini are proud to present The 2016 Federal Scorecard, the premier annual ranking of vendor and agency performance. This, the third annual publication of the Scorecard, utilizes a big data approach to provide a broad picture of agency and contractor activity from more than 6,000 data points.


This is the third edition of the Federal Scorecard, which provides a unique quantitative view of the contracting landscape through a big data approach


Metrics & Benchmarks
The Federal Scorecard highlights agency spending trends, including a contracting overview, product and service spend, contract vehicle usage and set-aside performance. Govini proprietary metrics rank contractors by capture, efficacy and contract complexity.


PSC Code Trends & Concentration
The 2016 Federal Scorecard provides a visual of Product Service Code (PSC) spending across all agencies to reveal shifts in spending priorities over the last four years.

Department of the Navy

Combat Ships & Landing Vessels and Fixed Wing Aircraft are the largest and highest growth products at Navy. Lockheed Martin captured the top position through its support of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program. General Dynamics continues as Navy’s lead shipbuilder from Virginia-class submarine contracts. General Atomics increased in rank from UAV launch equipment.

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Agency Selection

Select from the available agencies below to view their respective scorecard. Available agencies are designated by the page icon to the right of the agency name. Govini clients will be given access to the full 2016 Federal Scorecard upon request.

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Editorial articles featured in and created using The 2016 Federal Scorecard as a referenced source.

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The Scorecard is designed to provide visibility into agency contract activity and relationships with prominent contractors. Below is a glossary of the various analytics within the Scorecard that gauge agency performance along with each ranked vendor.

Vendor rankings are split into three sections: Significant Movers, calling out vendors that have seen transformative change in market or performance conditions; Notable Vendors, representing market leaders worth tracking; and Top Vendors, the top 10 performers by rank.

Contracting Overview

Provides agency contract details at a glance and how they changed year-over-year. FY15 key highlights are noted.

Contract Spend: Dollar value of contract obligations.

Contracts: Count of distinct contracts with positive obligations.

Budget Authority: Dollar value of enacted discretionary budget authority.

Vendors:  Count of distinct vendors with positive contract obligations for the year.

Set Aside Performance

Compares agency small business goals to actual performance in FY15 and over a three-year period (FY13 – 15).

SB: Small Business

WOSB: Women-Owned Small Business

SDB: Small Disadvantaged Business


SDVOB: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business

Product and Service Spend

Charts the agency’s FY15 spend on the top five products and services, as well as growth in spend compared to the previous three-year average. The methodology demonstrates how the recent fiscal year spend deviates from past years.

Contract Vehicles

Shows the top four Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDVs) used by agencies, transaction count and obligated dollars over a three-year period (FY13 – 15).


The relative position of a vendor at an agency based on total revenue captured and the Vendor Efficacy score. Current and last FY rank is also displayed.

Vendor Efficacy

A measure of the over-all success of a vendor. High values indicate large captures per contract action.

Vendor Revenue Captured

The dollar amount of contract obligations captured.

Vendor Contract Actions

Count of distinct contract actions with positive obligations.

Vendor Contract Complexity

A measure of the overall sophistication of a contract won, on a scale from 1 – 100.

Competitors Per Contract Action

The average number of competitor bids placed per contract awarded.

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