The 2023 National Security Scorecard:
Critical Technologies Edition

Defense Industrial Base

The United States is in a strenuous competition with China that will determine all Americans’ future prosperity, security, and liberty. And yet, the U.S. is facing a continuously shrinking defense industrial base, faltering supply chains, and seemingly never-ending barriers to the full, at-scale integration of emerging technologies into national security applications.

Govini’s annual National Security Scorecard moves us from observations and headlines to a comprehensive, data-backed understanding of the state of the U.S.-China competition in emerging technologies. This year’s Scorecard highlights the severity of the challenge.

The National Security Scorecard is organized by the top twelve technologies most impactful to national security. Using Govini’s Ark product, the Scorecard assesses each technology and views it through a lens of five applications: Acquisition, Procurement, Supply Chain, Foreign Influence & Adversarial Capital, and Science & Technology.

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