Supply Chain

Find and eliminate the hidden risks in your supply chain.

Supply Chain


Acquisition programs need to effectively mitigate risks in national security industrial base supply chains. Ark unearths risks such as hidden prohibited suppliers, geographic vulnerabilities, and foreign reliance.

Foreign Supply Chain Exposure

Evaluate program, part, or organizational reliance on foreign suppliers.

Ark platform screenshot showing supply chain tiers on a map for Lockheed Martin Corp.
Ark platform screenshot of Cross-Program Impact & Visibility Monitoring parts table

Supplier Risk Mitigation

Surface alternative suppliers to build supply chain resilience. 

Verify Supplier Compliance

Unearth hidden organizations in your supplier base that don’t comply with U.S. regulations.

Ark platform screenshot of Waters-Morgan Inc. overview chart


Geographic Risk Analysis
Supplier Consolidation M&A Analysis
Value Chain Vulnerability Assessment


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For an enterprise supply chain risk management program, leaders at the Health and Human Services Office of National Security (HHS ONS) turned to Ark to rapidly assess vendor risks.


With Ark, HHS ONS leadership created a proactive supply chain risk posture, taking foreign influence, geographic risks, supplier financial health, and more into account.


Ark automated supplier risk assessments, proactively monitoring and assessing more than 250 vendors in the HHS ecosystem. Ark reduced time spent on supplier due diligence by 75%. Beyond time saved, HHS ONS was enabled to triage risks before they disrupted operations: the Ark also surfaced hidden foreign influence in an HHS vendor.
Reduction in time spent on due diligence
Vendors automatically investigated