Science & Technology

Deploy emerging technologies faster.

Science & Technology


Program decision-makers must leverage analysis to effectively direct research and development. Ark accelerates robust insights into emerging technologies, surfacing adversarial capital, venture capital, and private equity trends, and streamlining capability due diligence.

Adversarial Capital Infiltration

Uncover investments from adversarial nations across vendors and sectors.

Ark platform screenshot of Critical Technology Competitiveness Flow of Investment line chart
Ark platform screenshot of Critical Technology Competitiveness Computing Top Companies and Top VC/PE Investors tables

Tech Scouting

Systematically identify and rank companies to address specific technology requirements.

Venture Capital Investment Trends

Assess venture capital investments to gauge the health of emerging tech fields.

Ark platform screenshot of Critical Technology Competitiveness U.S. Investments Over Time stacked bar chart


IP Trend and Impact Analysis
Critical Tech Competitiveness
Emerging and Dual-use Technology Exploration


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A Navy office responsible for identifying and prototyping emerging technologies needed to rapidly assess new capabilities.


Ark automated due diligence processes, systematically ranking new market entrants alongside previous Department of Defense vendors across a tech market ecosystem.


Ark saved the office hours of painstaking open-source research for each tech sector. In the long-term, new manufacturer options identified by Ark diversified the vendor base, building operational resilience.