2024 National Security Scorecard

Defense Industrial Base

Govini’s Annual National Security Scorecard offers an unparalleled assessment of our nation’s critical technologies, programs, and Defense Industrial Base. Powered by Govini’s flagship platform, Ark, the Scorecard leverages unique datasets, machine learning capabilities, and tailored workflows to unearth strategic intelligence.

The 2024 National Security Scorecard presents in-depth analysis across 15 critical technology areas essential for U.S. defense and national security. It meticulously scrutinizes government spending trends, private sector innovation, and supply chain dynamics, uncovering areas of robust investment and identifying vulnerabilities and risks. This edition provides a nuanced understanding of the Defense Acquisition Process, revealing the intricate interplay among government agencies, contractors, and suppliers.

Our mission is clear: to empower stakeholders with actionable, data-driven insights. By comprehending critical technology trends, supply chain risks, and vendor ecosystems, decision-makers can gain a competitive edge, safeguarding our nation's security and prosperity. Furthermore, by spotlighting adversarial advancements within these technologies, the Scorecard enables the rapid development and deployment of critical warfighting capabilities.

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