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Govini links COVID-19 impact areas with DoD sites of interest, industry locations, and global supply chains to predict, monitor, and mitigate impacts to DoD programs at local, regional, and global levels.

Resourcing & Reform applications in Govini’s platform allow decision-makers and analysts to understand all aspects of DoD’s investments and portfolio management, from programming and budgeting through execution.

The Govini platform provides an analytic workspace to monitor and assess potential foreign influence and vulnerabilities of vendors in order to understand the individual vendor risk, market risk, and supply chain risk.

Govini’s taxonomy generation and complex queries enable users to analyze vendors that are part of the Defense ecosystem, their people and financiers, and transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.

Govini’s platform provides users the ability to analyze critical technologies, track emerging publications or patents, non-FAR based DoD acquisitions, and relevant commercial market activity.

As a decision science firm, we believe the smart application of data has the power to transform enterprises. The National Defense Strategy calls on DoD to undertake this transformation. Govini is partnering with DoD and other national security departments and agencies to provide unprecedented transparency into government activity and the complex markets in which these organizations operate. This allows our clients to focus on innovation and modernization, balance mission portfolios to reflect priorities, and achieve better operational and business outcomes.

Responding to the
COVID-19 Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 creates new challenges for the Department of Defense. Defense leaders are working rapidly to minimize the pandemic’s consequences to readiness of the Armed Forces, their ability to project power globally, and efforts to modernize the Force for future challenges. Yet access to accurate, timely, and objective data is never more elusive than during a crisis. Govini’s Decision Science Platform provides immediate access to critically needed data and an analytic environment for assessing COVID-19 challenges and an effective response.

Taxonomic Approach to Complex Problems

Govini programmatically and algorithmically creates functional views that cut across DoD stovepipes by leveraging advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. These cross-cutting views are impossible for defense analysts, operators, and decision-makers to see without a data-first approach. Govini offers DoD timely, accurate, high-fidelity data that enables NDS implementation and mission objectives at enterprise scale.


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