Advancements in data collection, marked by technology breakthroughs in Unmanned Systems and the Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping operating concepts for Federal Agencies. Defense agencies are further along at integrating these technologies than civilian agencies, which presents an opportunity for civilian agencies to buy cheaper commercial solutions instead of custom built ones.

This analytic report presents Govini’s Unmanned Systems & IoT Taxonomy, a roadmap for tracking key market drivers as the Federal Government further incorporates these two capabilities into concepts of operations.

Download this Analyst Report, which covers:

  • The market trends of unmanned aerial, ground and undersea autonomous vehicles
  • How ISR PED open architecture will determine the future of unmanned systems
  • Where sensors and data collectors are key to unlocking the potential of IoT
  • How cloud investments will pave the way for data-centric drone and IoT technology
  • The evolving posture of cyber within Federal Agencies and how it accounts for IoT and unmanned systems
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