IT & Telecommunications Industry Analysis Bundle

As Alliant 2 offerors prepare to submit their proposals, IT contractors both large and small are attempting to understand the position of their firm, possible teaming partners, and competitors. IT spending is also as strong as it has ever been and signs point to continued growth. We have brought together three of our most popular IT Analytic Reports to help you decipher this complex industry.

Analytic Reports Included:

  • A Big Data Approach to Alliant 2 – A look into how agencies and contractors are positioned for Alliant 2.
  • The 2016 Cybersecurity Outlook – A key factor in every application of modern IT. No IT project can be implemented without also addressing Cybersecurity.
  • 2016 Federal Healthcare IT Services – A prime example of a growing IT market, unhampered by the impacts of Sequestration.
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