The 2016 Election: Scoring Down-Ballot Incumbents in
Critical Battleground States

This election cycle’s down-ballot campaigns are receiving more attention than in years past as seats long-held by the incumbent party are being contested. Despite all political calculations, polling and forecasts, one thing that can be measured objectively is how successful a member of Congress is at┬ásecuring Federal contract obligations.

This Govini analysis scores the performance of incumbent members of the House of Representatives by showing spending trends by congressional district, the businesses that benefit, and the procurement mechanisms used by purchasing agencies.

Highlights include:
  • Virginia leads the battleground states by share of contract obligations. Companies based in Northern Virginia and the Norfolk area will require the support of lawmakers for the state to maintain its leading status.
  • The Aerospace industry is in the midst of transformative growth in both Colorado and Florida. Veteran members of Congress are engaged in tight races that could change the balance of power in each state.
  • Pennsylvania and Ohio are leveraging advances in science and technology to recreate existing industries and are leaning on members of Congress to secure Federal support.
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