Trump’s Swamp: Competitiveness and
Its Impact on 2017 Expiring Contracts 

Achieving a balance in vendor competition is critical for agencies looking to get a better deal and higher quality products and services. It also prompts industry to aggressively pursue the development of improved solutions. As industry transitions to the Trump era, competition will play a major role in agencies’ ability to deliver on a new set of policies.

This latest Govini analytic report provides an in-depth look at competition across the Federal government by ranking agencies based on the number of competing bids for contracts set to expire in 2017.

Highlights Include:

  • Some of the most competitive agencies including Department of Education, State, and Army are becoming even more competitive.
  • DHS is refreshing contracts supporting border protection and immigration, two areas that will be increased in the next budget cycle.
  • DOE will prioritize National Nuclear Security over Energy Programs.
  • Contractors should brace for massive disruption at EPA.
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