During the Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump ran on a platform of comprehensive Federal agency reform culminating in an ambitious policy centered on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, reconstitution of our military strength, substantial investment in transportation infrastructure and tax reform. The near-term success of Trump’s Administration in these, and other, areas will largely depend on the ability of Federal agencies to redirect existing resources enabling his vision to be put into practice quickly and efficiently.

Govini analyzed 2 million contracts and spending documents to assess 19 Federal agencies for their ability to accommodate the comprehensive reform proposed by the new Administration. This analysis groups agencies into quadrants based on their potential to underwrite priority changes.

Purchase the full report for $4795, which includes:

  • Federal agency ‘Reprogramming Potential’ overviews.
  • Trump Administration positioning for 19 Federal agencies, including both Civilian and Defense agencies.
  • Risk analysis for the top 20 contractors at each of the 19 agencies including measurements for: Contract Competitiveness, Share of Existing Business, and 2017 Expiring Contracts.

Upon purchase, we will send you a digital copy of the report via email.

Download the free Health and Human Services sample, findings:

  • HHS vendors facing the most risk include systems integrators, software application developers, technology management consultants and service providers.
  • HHS is ripe for more competition. Awarded contracts in Business and Financial Services and IT & Telecommunications received fewer bids than the government-wide average.
  • HHS leads civilian agencies in terms of the value of contracts set to expire in 2017, meaning higher likelihood for disruption.
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