the Business of Government
Through Data Science

We deliver decision-grade information to the leadership
of National Security Agencies, Civilian Agencies,
and their Industry Partners. Govini provides unprecedented
transparency into complex federal markets. This allows our
clients to focus investments on innovation and modernization,
balance mission portfolios to reflect priorities, and achieve
better financial and mission outcomes.

Serving the Unique Needs of
Federal Leadership

The U.S. Federal marketplace is the most complex
market in the world. With challenges including
mission readiness, modernization, and business
operations reform, Agencies require a fact-based
view of every program and priority. Govini has a
dedicated team of data scientists and analysts,
industry experts, former government executives,
and board members steeped in the business of the
public sector who serve our clients. Our unique
SaaS/services approach ensures that our clients
have the most current, evidence-based, and
customized views of their markets, organizations,
and competitors.

Solutions Purpose-Built
for Acceleration

A Strategic Intelligence Platform with the
attributes of machine-scaling, a robust
database of record, advanced query
capabilities driven by AI, and a powerful
analytical framework is requisite for
success at Federal agencies and their
contractors. Govini’s foundational platform
for solving intractable problems allows
for deep analysis, the discovery of previously
unavailable insights, and the creation of
accurate forecasts.


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