Govini Professional Services define and quantify markets as they truly operate through unbiased, fact-based assessments and a novel taxonomic approach.


Govini’s Strategic Intelligence Platform collects, normalizes and categorizes data from more than 90,000 sources to create a holistic view of public sector markets.

Professional Services Rooted In
Data Science and Technology

Enabled by our Strategic Intelligence
Platform, Govini’s Professional Services
team of data scientists and industry
analysts tackle the most difficult market
problems. We 
take a uniquely taxonomic
approach to breaking apart the market
and its players, and provide evidence-based
insights only available through big data
and proprietary analytics.

The Industry-Leading
Strategic Intelligence Platform

Govini’s Strategic Intelligence Platform
uses the most advanced data analytics,
machine learning, and data integration
technologies to clarify the public-sector
market. It is used by the world’s leading
public sector organizations to solve their
most pressing management challenges.

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