Our commercial, web-based analytic platform is purpose built for the national security enterprise. With a modern and intuitive user interface, Govini’s Decision Science Platform provides a powerful platform for technical and non-technical analysts alike.


Curated  dataset with nearly two decades of standardized, normalized, and longitudinally accurate data linking a plethora of government-relevant information providing Departments and Agencies a clear view of complex mission-critical landscapes.

The Industry-Leading
Decision Science Platform

Designed and architected for the national security enterprise,
Govini’s Decision Science Platform provides a powerful platform
for technical and non-technical analysts. With a modern and intuitive user interface,
and backed by powerful capabilities including AI-driven concept search,
our platform goes beyond returning lists of results to construct and
display a detailed suite of analytics. These analytics automatically
update as the user interacts with the platform, further encouraging
exploration and discovery, and rapidly enabling the user to solve
challenging problems in a data-driven way.

Curated Source-of-Truth
Commercial Dataset

Govini offers the single most comprehensive and curated
source-of-truth government-relevant dataset on the market,
available to users through our Strategic Intelligence Platform
or as a licensed data feed. Our dataset, which pulls from
thousands of raw sources, has been standardized, normalized,
curated, linked, and continuously maintained and expanded for
eight years to provide a completely unique and longitudinally
accurate dataset addressing government activity and the markets
in which government operates.

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