A Big Data Approach to Master Your Market

Government spending amounts to the largest market on the planet, but even the most sophisticated contractors struggle to make sense of that data and what it means for their market. The volume and velocity of agency procurement records have created a data tsunami too large and fast for humans to keep up with, and while transparency laws mean this information is now publicly available, traditional tools can’t unlock its full potential.

Govini was founded on a simple premise: the big data challenge created from these rapidly growing amounts of data can be captured by a big data solution to create a competitive advantage. Clients use Govini for insight into their markets, from a strategic overview of long-term growth opportunities down to how to best pursue an individual opportunity.  

Our big data approach means that government spending no longer sits in inaccessible silos. While legacy tools rely on analysts to collect spending data and identify upcoming opportunities, The Govini platform aggregates publicly available data to standardize and normalize it, and then layer on proprietary analytics. Custom “Market Views” provide insight into clients’ target agency needs and buying patterns, competitors, and their own footprint in the market.

The resulting intelligence cuts across agencies, products and services and contractors, defining not only the current landscape, but where the market is heading. The power to make better decisions faster proves that big data shouldn’t be a challenge, but a solution to help you Master Your Market.


We love having Honest Abe represent Govini as the source of truth for government spending.

His likeness is on the penny, and we track every penny in the procurement process. Born from humble beginnings in a log cabin, President Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer and inventor with the distinction of being the only patent-holding president in American history. During the Civil War, he made extensive use of the telegraph to receive the latest battlefield news and counsel his generals. Embracing technology to inform your strategy and win. We like the sound of that.

Still using yesterday’s tools to solve today’s challenges? That’s so four score and seven years ago.

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