Federal Law Enforcement & Security: Technology and Politics Prompt Market Transition

This analytic report presents Govini’s Smart Security IoT Taxonomy, a roadmap for tracking key market drivers as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) move forward on linking the physical and digital worlds of security and law enforcement.

Highlights Include:

  • DHS and DOJ are prioritizing foundational investments like Cloud, Endpoint Defense and Big Data Analytics that will help unlock the potential of Smart Security IoT.
  • These agencies also spent $10.2 billion on devices to support border security and the processing of passengers and cargo at ports of entry. These devices are part of the unconnected physical world that eventually need to be merged with the digital world.
  • Sensors, the linchpin of Smart Security IoT, has been a priority since FY14. However, spending increased by only 7 percent to $179.9 million in the last year. As the foundational component of IoT, spending will surge in future years.
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