the Business of Government
Through Data Science


Uncover new opportunities, align around a common strategic picture, and develop insights to win at all levels of the business.


Fulfill mandates, increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize workloads to deliver better citizen services.


Understand market dynamics, track emerging technologies, and follow the most promising growth companies.

What We Do

We transform the business of government through
data science using our Strategic Intelligence Platform
– the most advanced data integration, analytics,
and machine learning technology available. Our data
science and professional services teams create rich
and actionable insights for business, government,
and investment leaders, offering all of them clear
views of the public marketplace.

Serving the Unique Needs of
Leading Public & Private Organizations

Govini serves leaders in the business,
government, and financial communities.
Whether understanding your competitive
landscape, fulfilling federal mandates, or
vetting an ideal target company, Govini
provides an asymmetrical advantage to
organizations making critical
business decisions.

Solutions Purpose-Built
for Acceleration

Govini’s Strategic Intelligence Platform uses
the most advanced technologies to clarify the
public-sector market. Our SIP is a foundation
for solving hard problems – we take vast
amounts of unstructured data and normalize
it, then construct evidence-based taxonomies.
These let you discover real insights and create
an asymmetric advantage over competitors.
When teamed with our data science and
professional services teams, even intractable
problems become solvable.


Big data brings big insight. Browse our collection of analyst reports for the latest market trends.


$95.8B Contract Spend 8.8%


$159.3B Budget Authority 6.6%


89.1K Contracts 4.4%


24.3K Vendors 1.3%


$76.0B Contract Spend 6.2%


$123.3 Budget Authority 2.7%


74.1K Contracts 6.3%


29.2K Vendors 2.8%

Air Force

$68.9B Contract Spend 21.8%

Air Force

$145.7 Budget Authority 6.2%

Air Force

41.5K Contracts 1.0%

Air Force

17.4K Vendors 1.3%

Health and Human Services

$22.8B Contract Spend 5.1%%

The 2017 Federal Scorecard

Introducing The 2017 Federal Scorecard, the premier annual ranking of vendors and agencies. This publication provides clarity into the murky Federal Market, distilling millions of data points into intelligence you can use to create and connect your strategy to win Federal Business.

Access The 2017 Federal Scorecard
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