The End of Business as Usual Under Trump: Top Analytic Reports to Prepare for 2017

The Trump Administration has a mandate for change to stop government growth, ending 2016 with deep uncertainty for both contractors and agencies and starting 2017 with assured disruption across the Federal ecosystem.To help you prepare for the coming year, we have provided Govini’s most requested analytic reports from 2016  below. Strategic Intelligence, underpinned by big data and analytics, will become a deciding factor of success in 2017 as the market finds its footing.

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16-9-16 EOY Cover Image

This analysis shows how agencies obligate funds for core mission needs in Q1; agencies that rush to spend at the end of the fiscal year are distinct from those that start the year strong; Army and Navy are biggest Q4 spenders in Defense.

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The “Expiring Contract Exposure Score” measures the risk for the top 100 contractors serving the Army, Navy, and Air Force. With $210.1 billion in DoD contracts set to expire in 2017, the stage is set for major disruption.


The Defense Department’s Third Offset Strategy represents more than the $18 billion it has budgeted across the next five years. In this report, Govini uses a taxonomic approach to map the Weapon Systems aspect of the Third Offset Strategy.

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The Federal Scorecard is the annual ranking of vendor and agency performance in the Federal market. This report ranks the top 24 agencies and is designed to provide visibility into contract activity and relationships with prominent contractors.

2016-12-30_1555-defense bundle

The Defense Agency Bundle provides key analysis featuring spending trends, insight into future procurement and positioning of dominate competitors or potential partners. Included in this bundle are deep dives into the Air Force, Army, and Navy service branches.

2016-12-30_1557 iot bundle

IoT encompasses a wide range of use cases, but the objective is the same: connect devices, people and systems to automate information collection and processing. This bundle details IoT infrastructure including: Sensors, Wireless Devices, and Cloud.

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Unmanned air, land, and undersea autonomous systems are key factors of the Third Offset Strategy. In this report, Govini highlights the agencies that allocated budget for autonomy, the competitive landscape, and autonomy’s related procurements.

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The digital wave has already entirely transformed private sector industries. This analysis highlights the agencies that have allocated budget for digitization projects, the contractors that are supporting the effort, and the procurement mechanisms used.


$88.0B Contract Spend 0.2%


$149.2B Budget Authority 1.1%


104.3K Contract Spend 3.1%


52.8K Vendors 9.6%


$71.4B Contract Spend 6.7%


$119.5 Budget Authority 2.1%


86.7K Contracts 4.5%


53.3K Vendors 8.8%

Air Force

$56.4B Contract Spend 4.1%

Air Force

$136.9 Budget Authority 1.3%

Air Force

41.4K Contracts 4.8%

Air Force

22.6K Vendors 6.3%

The 2016 Federal Scorecard

Government Executive Media Group and Govini are proud to present The 2016 Federal Scorecard. Utilizing a big data approach to provide a broad picture of agency and contractor activity with more than 6,000 data points, the Scorecard is a powerful market intelligence resource creating a provocative view into the Federal procurement landscape.

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